March 15, 2007

[mix#7] Sundays are killing me

Sundays are killing me (fichier zip, 64Mo)

01. Matt Elliott :: Lone Gunmen Required
[from Failing Songs]

02. Corwin Trails :: Hakim Bay
[from Corwin Trails]

03. Midlake :: Roscoe (Remix by Beyond The Wizard)
[from Trials of Van Occupanther (Remix)]

04. The National :: Secret Meeting (Remix)
[from Alligator (Bonus Disc)]

05. Hello Saferide :: The Quiz
[from Would you let me play this EP ten times a day ?]

06. New Buffalo :: Cheer Me Up Thank You
[from Somewhere, Anywhere]

07. Essie Jain :: Glory
[from We Made This Ourselves]

08. Tomandandy :: At Millie's 2
[from Mean Creek OST]

09. Skuli Sverrisson :: Seria
[from Seria]

10. Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear :: Deep Blue Sea

11. Jay Munly :: The Denver Boot
[from Jimmy Carter Syndrome]

12. Trio Palmar :: Tres Besos
[more info]

13. David Thomas Broughton :: Liberazione
[from Anchovies EP]


zb said...

pour info : l'artiste "unknown", c'est le trio palmar dans tres besos.

Garrincha said...

Trio Palmar ?
Merci !! Si t'as une référence, voire le nom de la chanson, je suis très preneur.

Garrincha said...

C'est bon, j'ai retrouvé. Merci encore.