February 21, 2007

[Mix#5] Acoustic Ladyland

Une petite compilation acoustique, à base de complaintes à chanter au coin du feu.

Curieusement (ou pas), pas mal de reprises : le "Warm & Tender Love" est de Percy Sledge, le "Yard Of Blonde Girls" de Jeff Buckley mais je crois qu'il l'a repris de quelqu'un d'autre ; tout le monde sait que Cat Power excelle particulièrement dans ses reprises : "Remember Me" est d'Otis Redding ; "Three Little Birds" est de Bob Marley, "Boys Don't Cry" des Cure et "In My Life" des ... Beatles, évidemment. Et enfin, "What's Next To The Moon" est à l'origine une chanson d'AC/DC.

Une question fondamentale (et nuancée) pour finir : est-ce que "Thirteen" est la plus belle ballade du monde ?

Acoustic Ladyland [105,4 Mo - zip file]

Pour acheter les albums :

01. Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Warm & Tender Love
[from Begonias]

02. Cynthia G. Mason :: Like A Lifer Out For Good
[from Quitter's Claim]

03. Blanket :: All Love Is Dead
[from ...]

04. Big Star :: Thirteen
[from #1 Record]

05. Micah P. Hinson :: Yard Of Blonde Girls
[from Dream Brother]

06. Peter & The Wolf :: The Apple Tree
[from Lightness]

07. Band Of Horses :: St. Augustine
[from Everything All The Time]

08. Ray LaMontagne :: Empty
[from Til The Sun Turns Black]

09. Danny George Wilson :: Somewhere Else Instead
[from The Famous Mad Mile]

10. Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Keeny :: You Remind Me Of Home
[from Home, vol. 5]

11. Cat Power :: Remember Me
[from Emusic Session EP]

12. 13Ghosts :: Three Little Birds
[from Cicada]

13. Damien Jurado :: Ohio
[from Rehearsals For Departure]

14. Fionn Reagan :: Put A Penny In The Slot
[from The End Of History]

15. Grant Lee Phillips :: Boys Dont Cry
[from Nineteeneighties]

16. Hobotalk :: It Might Not Be Too Late
[from Notes On Sunset - Acoustic Sessions]

17. Jake Ziah :: Silver Seed
[from These Days Do You No Justice]

18. Judy Collins :: In My Life
[from In My Life]

19. Sibylle Baier :: Tonight
[from Colour Green]

20. Inlets :: Decks Up & Above
[from Vestibule EP]

21. Iron & Wine :: Sodom, South Georgia
[from Our Endless Numbered Days]

22. Mark McAdam :: Driftwood
[from Boy Wonder]

23. Mark Kozelek :: What's Next To The Moon
[from What's Next To The Moon]

24. Karen Dalton :: In The Evening (It's so hard to tell who's going to love you the best)
[from It's so hard to tell who's going to love you the best]

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