February 16, 2009

[mix #14] Cry Me A (Frozen) River

I have got to leave to find my way.
Watch the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes.
Nothing is going my way.

01. Grand Salvo :: Spring River!
[from Death]

02. A Hawk & A Hacksaw :: In The River
[from The Way The Wind Blows]

03. März :: The River
[from Wir Sind Hier]

04. Jay Pea :: Silver River
[from Arrivals & Departures]

05. Jim White :: Burn The River Dry
[from Wrong Eyed Jesus]

06. Christian Kjellvander :: River Raffle
[from Introducing The Past]

07. The Snake, The Cross, The Crown :: Behold The River
[from Cotton Teeth]

08. Willy Mason :: When The River Moves On
[from If The Ocean Gets Rough]

09. REM :: Find The River
[from Automatic For The People]

10. Paul Simon :: Peace Like A River
[from Paul Simon]

11. PJ Harvey :: The River
[from Is This Desire ?]

12. Bill Fay :: Methane River
[from Bill Fay]

13. John Southworth :: River City Girl
[from The Pillowmaker]

14. Fleet Foxes :: Drops In The River
[from Sun Giant EP]

>> Cry Me A (Frozen) River

1 comment:

Garrincha said...

Je me commente moi-même tout seul dans mon coin mais je trouve que la deuxième partie est quand même nettement mieux foutue. En particulier, Willy Mason m'emmerde un peu finalement et je me demande su Kjellvander n'est pas quelque part le Ray Lamontagne du pauvre.